S10 : Individual 3-Inch-Shaft Nut Drivers

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Meet or exceed current ANSI and MIL specifications. \ <br>Patented shaft construction withstands high torque. \ <br>Shafts are completely hollow, from the socket to the handle, to accommodate the longest stud. \ <br>Sockets and shafts are specially heat-treated for extra hardness. \ <br>Exterior surfaces are finished in bright nickel-chrome for durability and corrosion resistance. \ <br>Smooth Comfordome handles fit the palm of the hand perfectly. \ <br>Exclusive full-size top with no unfinished seams, no sharp edges to cause fatigue. \ <br>Handles are break resistant, impervious to most acids and alkalis, and are full-fluted for better grip and driving torque. \ <br>Edges are chamfered for comfort. \ <br>Handles are color-coded for easy identification. \ <br>

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