WR29X144 : Ice Maker Repair Kit

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G.E. Refrigerator (GA21) Ice Maker Update Kit - For All Round Cube G.E. Domestic Ice Makers; Includes: New Style Ejector Pad, Rod, Pad Screw, "O" Ring (Red), Aluminum Washer, Retaining Washer, Mold Bearing, Rod Bearing, Grooved "0" Ring Seal, Sealant and Silicone Lube; Replaces G.E. #'s WR29X31, -41, -113, 119, 121

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Replaces the following parts: WR29X107, WR29X108, WR29X113, WR29X119, WR29X121, WR29X144R, WR29X145R, WR29X31, WR29X33, WR29X38, WR29X39, WR29X40, WR29X47, WR29X87, WR49X179

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