WP12566102 : Whirlpool Refrigerator Adaptive Defrost Control Board

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Whirlpool Genuine OEM 12566102 Refrigerator Adaptive Defrost Control Board. The adaptive defrost control board manages the defrost cycle in the refrigerator as the evaporator temperature rises and falls.

This part works with the following brands: Whirlpool, Roper, Admiral, Maytag, Hardwick, Jenn-Air, Estate, Magic Chef, Crosley, Inglis, Norge, Modern Maid, Amana, Kenmore, KitchenAid, Caloric & Ikea.

Possible Repair Solution For:
Frost buildup, Fridge section is too warm, Fridge section is too cold, Freezer section is too warm, Freezer section is too cold.

Please Note: This is intended as a guideline only, as other items can cause the same symptoms.

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Replaces the following parts: 12566101, 12566102

Fits Models:   ARB2217CB (BOM: PARB2217CB0) , ARB2217CC (BOM: PARB2217CC0) , ARB2217CW (BOM: PARB2217CW0) , ARS8265BB (BOM: PARS8265BB0) , ARS8265BC (BOM: PARS8265BC0) , ARS8265BS (BOM: PARS8265BS0) , ARS8265BW (BOM: PARS8265BW0) , ARS8267BB (BOM: PARS8267BB0) , ARS8267BC (BOM: PARS8267BC0) , ARS8267BS (BOM: PARS8267BS0) , ARS8267BW (BOM: PARS8267BW0) , ARS9265BB (BOM: PARS9265BB0) , ARS9265BC (BOM: PARS9265BC0) , ARS9265BW (BOM: PARS9265BW0) , ARS9266BS (BOM: PARS9266BS0) , ARS9268BB (BOM: PARS9268BB0) , ARS9268BC (BOM: PARS9268BC0) , ARS9268BW (BOM: PARS9268BW0) , ARS9269BS (BOM: PARS9269BS0) , ARSE664BB (BOM: PARSE664BB0) , ARSE664BC (BOM: PARSE664BC0) , ARSE664BS (BOM: PARSE664BS0) , ARSE664BW (BOM: PARSE664BW0) , ARSE665BB (BOM: PARSE665BB0) , ARSE665BC (BOM: PARSE665BC0) , ARSE665BS (BOM: PARSE665BS0) , ARSE665BW (BOM: PARSE665BW0) , ARSE667BB (BOM: PARSE667BB0) , ARSE667BC (BOM: PARSE667BC0) , ARSE667BS (BOM: PARSE667BS0) , ARSE667BW (BOM: PARSE667BW0) , ARSE66MBB (BOM: PARSE66MBB0) , ARSE66MBC (BOM: PARSE66MBC0) , ARSE66MBW (BOM: PARSE66MBW0) , ARSE66ZBB (BOM: PARSE66ZBB0) , ARSE66ZBC (BOM: PARSE66ZBC0) , ARSE66ZBS (BOM: PARSE66ZBS0) , ARSE66ZBW (BOM: PARSE66ZBW0) , ARSE67RBB (BOM: PARSE67RBB0) , ARSE67RBC (BOM: PARSE67RBC0) , ARSE67RBS (BOM: PARSE67RBS0) , ARSE67RBW (BOM: PARSE67RBW0) , BB20V1E (BOM: P1321314W B) , BB20V1PS (BOM: P1321315W S) , BB20V1S (BOM: P1321314W S) , BB20V1W (BOM: P1321314W W) , BRF20V1C (BOM: P1321313W C) , BRF20V1CPCR (BOM: P1321316W C) , BRF20V1CPER (BOM: P1321316W B) , BRF20V1CPSR (BOM: P1321316W S) , BRF20V1CPWR (BOM: P1321316W W) , BRF20V1E (BOM: P1321313W B) , BRF20V1S (BOM: P1321313W S) , BRF20V1W (BOM: P1321313W W) , DRSE663BB (BOM: PDRSE663BB0) , DRSE663BC (BOM: PDRSE663BC0) , DRSE663BW (BOM: PDRSE663BW0) , PSD265LGES (BOM: PPSD265LGS0) , PSD268LGEB (BOM: PPSD268LGB0) , PSD268LGEQ (BOM: PPSD268LGC0) , PSD268LGES (BOM: PPSD268LGS0) , PSD268LGEW (BOM: PPSD268LGW0) ,

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