Payment Terms

Non Account Sales

All cash account and retail orders will be processed immediately on checkout.

Parts Pass (Wholesale) Accounts

If you qualify for our account holder status you are invited to open a Parts Pass account. You can apply on-line or have an application faxed to you. Please allow sufficient time to process your application. To place orders during this time, APCO accepts all major credit cards and can ship to all points in the United States.

Express Accounts

If your requirements do not average $300.00 or more monthly, we encourage you to open an Express (Cash / Credit / Debit card) account. This account entitles your firm to all the same discounts and services. Payment is required at time of purchase. You must also qualify for our account holder status to be approved for an Express account.

Minimum Order

While Appliance Parts Company does not have a minimum order at this time, we ask that all account holders respect the cost of doing business when placing orders.

Parts Pass Account Payment

Local branches are able to accept payments, but please be aware that late payment fees will not be removed from any overdue account if payment is delayed getting to appropriate locations listed below. Customer Service is our highest priority. Each location has qualified staff who will investigate and resolve any problems or questions you may have regarding our companies.

All Parts Pass account payments in should forward account payments to:

Appliance Parts Company
6825 S. Kyrene Rd.
Tempe, AZ 85283

Please note: ALL returned cheques are subject to a $29.00 processing fee.

Credit Terms & Policy

Credit terms are net 30 days from date of purchase. Late payments fees will be charged at the rate of 2% per month (26.82% per annum) on all overdue accounts, without exception. Overdue accounts may be placed on C.O.D., shipments withheld, or credit facilities suspended temporarily without notice until payment is received on the overdue amount. Late payment fees will appear on statements only. Payments on account will apply firstly to late payment fees and secondly to the outstanding balance.

Invoices/Packing slips
You will receive both your invoice and packing slip at time of purchase / delivery / receipt of goods. We ask that every effort is made to forward invoice to proper paying authority. We do not forward any additional copies at end of month. A service charge may be applied if additional copies are requested.